Health minister worked on HIV and Hepatitis C cure


Health Minister Adel al-Adawy stated on Sunday that he was part of the military medical team that helped develop and produce an apparatus allegedly capable of detecting HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in a patient.


In an interview with MBC’s “Happening in Egypt,” the official revealed that he worked on the medical invention three years ago. Adawy added that “Complete Cure” or CC, as the Armed Forces have coined it, was patented and proven to be efficient by some medical bodies, while others had reservations about it.


He said that the ministry will declare the efficiency of Complete Cure after it passes all tests, adding that if CC proves inefficient he will state so himself.


Adawy’s announcement follows an official statement by Egypt’s military on February 23, during which an Armed Forces officer declared, “We have vanquished AIDS. We have vanquished Hepatitis C,” referring to an electromagnetic mechanism that can allegedly diagnose both diseases, as well as a treatment the military has called “Complete Cure.”


However, critics and medics have highlighted the absence of testing on patients and lack of adequate scientific research, saying the claims will incur mockery from the international scientific community.


Less than one percent of people in Egypt are HIV positive, while millions suffer from Hepatitis C, in what is believed to be a high prevalence of the virus compared to the worldwide average.


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