Popular Current members detained for Sabbahi posters

The Popular Current Party announced on its Facebook page that four of its members were detained in Qasr al-Nile police station for six hours for having posters of potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi on their car.

According to the Popular Current’s statement posted on the social networking site on Saturday, police forces raided a mosque where the group members were performing prayers after spotting their car parked outside with posters of Sabbahi on its windshield.

The Popular Current was founded by Nasserist politician Hamdeen Sabbahi in 2012. Sabbahi’s political significance had increased considerably that year, after he came third in the first round of presidential elections, proving to have a significant following.

While the nation awaits Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to formally announce his bid for presidency after the military mandated him to run, Sabbahi has given conflicted answers to whether he would run opposite the current defense minister.

The group has condemned the unlawful detention of its members, asserting that fighting terrorism should not be used as a pretext to violate freedom of expression.

According to the group, the four members were interrogated and their car was searched. The group says that its members were mistreated during their short incarceration despite their cooperation with the authorities. They were released after no criminal activity could be proven against them, the group said.

Similar incidents were reported ahead of the recent constitution referendum.

While the state was supporting the campaigns calling for a “yes” vote, members of the Strong Egypt Party were arrested while handing out flyers that called for a “no” vote.


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