Brotherhood Supreme Guide Badie ordered detained for 15 days

Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie has been ordered detained for 15 days pending investigation into charges of inciting an attempt to storm a 6th of October City police station on August 19.

Investigations commenced Wednesday into the charges against Badie and co-accused former Member of Parliament Mohamed al-Omda, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported.

The detention was ordered following national security investigations requested by the prosecution, which indicated the co-defendants were responsible for inciting an attack on the police station after security forces violently dispersed two sit-ins in support of deposed President Mohamed Morsi in Rabea and Nahda squares in Cairo on August 14.

General Prosecutor Hesham Barakat referred a number of members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organization to the criminal court, accusing them of collaborating with foreign organizations overseas. Members include: Former President and member of the Guidance Bureau of the Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi, Mohamed Badie and his two deputies Khairat al-Shater and Mahmoud Ezzat, former parliamentary speaker Mohamed Saad al-Katatny, members of the Guidance Bureau Mohamed el-Beltagy, Essam al-Erian and Saad al-Husseini, former head of the office of the presidency Mohamed Refaa al-Tahtawi and his deputy Asaad el-Sheikha, director of the office of the former president Ahmed Abdel-Ati, and 25 other members.

A statement released by the general prosecutor’s office lists further accusations against the defendants, including committing terrorist acts, disclosing state secrets, funding terrorism, the militant training of Brotherhood members and threatening the unity and independence of the country.

The international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has also been accused of planning terrorist attacks with foreign organizations in order to cause chaos in Egypt. Such plans allegedly involve collaboration with Hamas, the militant arm of the international organization, and Hezbollah, a Lebanese organization affiliated with the revolutionary guard in Iran, the statement added.

The accused are also said to have collaborated with Takfiri groups in Sinai and to have assisted in smuggling arms across the Egyptian border with Gaza.


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