Forensic issues first official report with high Rabea death toll

The Health Ministry’s forensic department submitted on Thursday medical reports on the casualties of the brutal dispersal of two major pro-Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins on August 14, reported the privately owned daily newspaper Al-Shorouk.

According to the forensic reports, 627 were killed at Rabea al-Adaweya square on August 14. Other casualties occurred at protests in Ramses Square, Omraneya, Dokki and clashes at Abu Zaabal prison, in addition to those police officers who were killed during the dispersal.

The Health Ministry’s original estimate was far lower than the death toll reported by non-governmental sources. 

The cause of death for the majority of those killed at Rabea was live shots to the head and neck, the reports claimed, with the exception of six victims who died after being beaten with sticks and stones. The reports also indicated that 11 bodies were burned after the victims were shot.

Twenty-one lives were claimed at Nahda Square on that day, the forensic department claimed. The report also noted that medical reports were not released for the 173 bodies whose families refused to cooperate.

Many families confirmed earlier to Mada Masr that the forensic department refused to issue medical reports for the dead indicating that the victims were shot with live rounds. The claims could not be verified by Mada Masr, but other families have shown medical reports with the section stating the reason of death left blank.

The clashes that erupted in Ramses Square following the Rabea dispersal left 120 dead, while other clashes in Omraneya left 24 dead, 14 in Helwan, and 31 in Dokki clashes during the October 6 celebrations.

The medical reports also claimed that the dead bodies of 37 Brotherhood inmates killed in a police truck in Abu Zaabal prison were rotten due to poor ventilation, and showed no signs of torture, burns or electrification, contradicting earlier media reports.

The reports also referred to 29 dead bodies of police personnel following the dispersal of Rabea and Nahda protest camps, including 11 bodies of officers from the Kerdasa police station, which was allegedly stormed by angry Brotherhood supporters.

The forensic department claimed that the total number of casualties from the police ranks from the period of August 14 to November 13 reached a total of 146, including 32 officers, 57 conscripts, 55 soldiers and two civil servants.

Correction: This article originally said the report said 337 people were killed at Rabea all-Adaweya. It was corrected on November 14.


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