Sisi for president?

Armed Forces chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi would win the upcoming presidential elections by a landslide if he chose to run, said Amr Moussa in an interview with the privately owned newspaper Al-Shorouk on Monday.

Moussa — a former presidential candidate himself, and the recently elected head of the 50-member committee amending the 2012 Constitution — said in the interview that the Egyptian people were afraid of terrorism, angered by ongoing political instability and looking for a president capable of making firm decisions. A candidate with a military background would have that capability, Moussa asserted.

Since issuing the decree on July 3 that ousted former President Mohamed Morsi, Sisi has gained enormous popularity with the general public, and there has been rampant speculation regarding his possible bid for the presidency.

After removing Morsi from office, Sisi named Constitutional Court head Adly Mansour as interim president, and assured on several occasions that the military was not interested in playing a political role in governing the nation.

In a recent interview with the US newspaper The Washington Post, Sisi asserted he did not intend to run for president; but the paper suggested that he stopped short of completely ruling out the possibility.

Recent history may give cause for concern regarding electing a president from the military, but Moussa asserted that it would be possible to elect a military man through a truly democratic process. If the terrorist threat persists, it would be in Egypt’s best interest to elect a president with a military background, the former MP argued.


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