Brotherhood youth condemns safe exit plan for leaders

The recently founded Brotherhood Without Violence Group issued a statement on Tuesday condemning an initiative to grant leading Brotherhood figures a safe exit from prosecution for their crimes during former President Mohamed Morsi’s short-lived tenure in office.

The statement distanced the group from the initiative, which they claim is led by the Islamist political figure Selim al-Awa, and originates from the office of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau.

To find a way out of the polarized nation’s current impasse, Awa had proposed the formation of a cabinet with full presidential authorities, and a symbolic reinstatement of Morsi to his post to quell the demands of many Islamists currently sitting-in around Cairo and Giza. The initiative would guarantee the safe exit of Brotherhood leaders without prosecution. 

The proposal was received with skepticism from most non-Islamist players, who saw no reason to grant the Brothers a safe exit after Morsi’s ouster by the military on July 3 following mass protests demanding his resignation. 

Brotherhood Without Violence, which calls itself a group of youth within the Muslim Brotherhood who are opposed to the leadership, alleges that Awa’s plan was developed during a meeting with members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau at the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in on July 25.

The group added that Awa was only entrusted to deliver the initiative. 

Awa, once a presidential candidate himself, had served as Morsi’s adviser. 

“The movement confirms its rejection of this initiative, which aims at returning to the violent practices that Egypt has witnessed recently,” the group said in the statement posted on its Facebook group. 

The statement added that the group refused to grant a safe exit for Brotherhood leaders, who under Awa’s initiative would seek asylum in Turkey, the United States, Canada and Germany. 

Brotherhood Without Violence also claims that there is a plot to assassinate Morsi in order to incriminate the current government and focus the world’s attention to further threats of assassinations. 

The group has been demanding the withdrawal of confidence from Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood Mohamed Badie and other Guidance Bureau members, who represents the main leadership of the movement. 

On Thursday morning, the group posted another statement to its Facebook page denying reports that Brotherhood Without Violence had been founded by Guidance Bureau member Khairat al-Shater’s son-in-law. Shater is considered to be one of the main political engineers of the Muslim Brotherhood. The statement said that Shater’s son-in-law is no more than a member of the group, which he joined because he is opposed to Brotherhood’s leaders.


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