Brotherhood’s Martyrs Day protests start

Hundreds of deposed President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters started marching on Tuesday from the Nour Mosque to Rabea al-Adaweya, where a sit-in now entering its second month has been staged demanding the president’s reinstatement.

The march was stopped by the army as it approached the Ministry of Defense on the way. The Armed Forces deployed soldiers and armored vehicles on the road to block the protesters’ access to the ministry.  

The march is one of several organized by the Muslim Brotherhood to protest against the killing of dozens of their members and supporters in recent clashes. 

A women’s march set off from the Nahda Square sit-in in Giza, also organized by the Muslim Brotherhood to demand Morsi’s reinstatement following his forced ouster by the military on July 3. 

The Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice portal reported that the army also tried to block this march but the women continued on advancing, chanting, “Soldiers, we are your sisters…”

The army let the march continue and a commander told the protesters that they are there to protect Egypt and that no one will be hurt. 

On Friday night, police and plain clothed armed men attacked Brotherhood supporters as they marched toward the October 6 Bridge, a kilometer away from Rabea al-Adaweya. The Brothers say over 100 were killed while health ministry sources put the death toll at 80. 

On July 8, over 50 were killed in clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and police in front of the Republican Guards headquarters. 


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