The 2020 House elections: Opposition parties divided over participation
Opposition parties are taking part in the elections in different ways, but for similar reasons.
8 residents killed in explosions after Armed Forces allow displaced residents of Bir al-Abd to return to villages
The residents' happiness upon returning home was short-lived
Detox | Suspending disbelief
What is faith without an imagination vivid enough to fill the gaps?
Sources: Vodafone move to exit Egyptian market driven by state telecom operator
Alaa Moussa | “How can I work while my competitor is my partner and knows every detail about me, large and small?”
Tora prisoners stage collective protest due to unprecedented clampdown
A source told Mada Masr that the campaign is linked to the killing of four police officers.
Egyptian Iron and Steel Company mines to be spun off despite worker objections
Egyptian Iron and Steel is the only Egyptian company that uses iron ore found in Egypt’s mines.
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Walid Shawky ‘rotated’ into new case after 2 years in remand detention
Journalist Basma Mostafa disappears in Luxor, then brought before State Security Prosecution
150 arrested on September 20 anniversary after small, scattered protests
General Union of Engineering, Metal, Electrical Workers protests plan to reallocate Egyptian Iron and Steel Company mines
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Mohamed Ramadan
How the state forced small-scale farmers to grow cement and bricks
How did the failure of Egypt’s development model accelerate building on agricultural lands?
Heba Anis
Does my husband deserve such abuse?
Why have we — his child and I — been denied his presence all this time?
Khaled Mansour
The Saudis and Emiratis should pay blood money in Yemen
Underfunded aid agencies have already resorted to desperate measures.

The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"