blogger detentions
Waiting for Shady
Witnessing the burial of incarcerated video blogger Shady Abu Zeid’s late father
Sudan anti-government protests spread to Darfur amid extensive security crackdown
President Omar al-Bashir’s speech and the protests in Darfur have shifted attention to a new arena
Hamas put on the spot after Palestinian Authority withdraws staff from Rafah crossing
Ahmad Shehada, Asmahan Soliman and Thaier Oun | The PA's punitive measures suggest that the Egypt-brokered reconciliation efforts are failing.
Exclusion, intimidation and suppression at Egypt’s 2018 student union elections
Mohamed Abu Emaira | At almost all universities, students were barred from union elections to "protect public interest"
While human rights linger on US radar, Pompeo Cairo visit focuses on regional cooperation
Pompeo and Shoukry both stressed the importance of Egypt’s strategic relationship with the US
Sources: Presidency gives Egyptian media orders not to cover CBS interview with Sisi
Sources say Egyptian media received orders to refrain from covering CBS interview with Sisi
Diplomatic sources rule out imminent restoration of Syrian-Arab relations
It may seem otherwise, but Bashar al-Assad's Arab League membership is unlikely to be restored soon
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Coptic Christian place of worship shuttered in Minya after Muslim residents protest
Lawyers: State Security Prosecution will stop receiving remand detention appeals until February
Families of detained Egyptian-German nationals deny Islamic State affiliations
Egypt: 6 people killed by security forces near Assiut-Sohag road
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Ehaab Abdou
Reconciling Egyptians with their ancient past?
Analyzing students’ perspectives and curriculum representations of ancient Egyptian history
Amr Ezzat
On the precarious ‘non-existence’ of Egyptian atheists
Amr Ezzat writes about the contradiction inherent in the state’s response to atheists
Ivan Surkoš
Upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: More important than ever
Marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"