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Mada’s feminist roundtables 01 | Justice now: A feminist moment of reckoning
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Dislodged from Bir al-Abd, Province of Sinai heads west toward Suez Canal as militants surrender due to hunger, security initiative on eastern front
The Armed Forces have recently tried to clamp down on Bir al-Abd's eastern front.
Egyptian Iron and Steel workers stage sit-in to protest liquidation: ‘Here you have a house, outside you have a house, but outside you’ll reside in humiliation’
“Did you not do your jobs? And you over there, did you not do your job?”
Long-delayed bylaws regulating civil society spark concern over restrictive potential
Granting the unit wide powers over the NGO registration process circumvents the Constitution.
New faces dominate Nation’s Future-controlled House leadership positions
The party managed to push out figures who had run afoul of the new leadership
Public sector giant Egyptian Iron and Steel Company to be liquidated despite opposition
Monday's decision has already faced substantial pushback.
Video | Soulful design
Mostafa Mostafa Mohamed | Mahmoud Mostafa followed his heart and concentrated instead on Arabic calligraphy.
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Imprisoned translator Kholoud Said faces charges in new case after weeks-long disappearance from police station
Egyptian prosecution doubles down on dismissal of Italian Regeni investigation
Ahmed Bassam Zaki receives harshest possible sentence in online harassment trial
CPJ: Egypt 3rd worst jailer of journalists in the world in 2020 in record tally
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Dina Makram Ebeid
Battling sexual violence within institutions: Things we have learned
Civil society organizations cannot just “handle” sexual violence with the logic of crisis management
Hind Ahmed Zaki
How Egyptian women have broken the stigma around sexual violence
In late December 2019, the story of an Egyptian girl from the city of Farshout who wears the niqab speaking
S. Al Haq
From behind the screens: Feminism and hope in 2020
Online life was no longer just an extension of the world

The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"