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forced labor
All for the kids
The story of a Filipina domestic worker in Cairo
Video | Beyond the Factory: The mannequin makers
Mostafa Darwish | In this episode of Beyond the Factory, Mostafa Darwish visits a mannequin workshop in Qalyubiya
A conflict of urban imaginaries: Ahmed Mater explores a brutally changing city in Mecca Journeys
Dan Jakubowski | Mecca Journeys captures the the marked dichotomies of Mecca’s recent explosive growth
Alliance to Support Egypt source: We will change Constitution and Parliament law by October to establish new party
Rania al-Abd | The coalition aims to amend articles that stand in the way of its planned political party
Disputed status of Beni Suef church sparks sectarian violence
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The disputed legal status of a church in Beni Suef sparked sectarian violence and 20 arrests
How to make LE89 bn in fuel subsidies disappear: Egyptians brace for steep price hikes
Waad Ahmed | What will it mean for Egypt to try to meet the 2019 deadline for liberalizing fuel prices?
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Night They Arrested Fatima
Hessen Hossam | Hessen Hossam reflects on Henry Barakat’s The Night They Arrested Fatima, 1984
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Son claims prison administration refuses to treat Abouel Fotouh’s deteriorating health
MFA slams Shawkan’s potential nomination for UNESCO press freedom award
Al-Masry Al-Youm chief editor, journalists released after questioning over elections coverage
Food subsidies to increase by marginal 5% in upcoming state budget as austerity measures continue
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Hanan Elbadawi
The curious case of the 1-night operation
Are the strikes on Syria ‘mission accomplished?’
Leila Al Shami
The ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots
We cannot expect Syrians to just shut up and die to protect the principle of anti-imperialism
Will Bury
After Ghouta: Will south Damascus be Syria’s next offensive?
How do you tell the story of an abandoned city in 1,000 words?

The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"