foreign debt
Graph | Despite record highs, a third of Egyptian foreign reserves are debts due within a year
A large portion of the reserve was built through short-term borrowing, which must be paid back
Food and fuel crises in Arish intensify on 13th day of Operation Sinai 2018
As Operation Sinai 2018 enters its 13th day, we examine the toll taken on key North Sinai supplies
Family injured in building collapse after unidentified shells strike homes in Arish
A family of five has been injured in Arish after unidentified shelling struck residential buildings
Waiting for war: The siege on the people of Gaza tightens
Shireen al-Akkah | In Gaza, death does not seem like the most tragic fate
Strong Egypt Party’s dissolution? Explaining the legal procedures required to dissolve political parties
Rana Mamdouh | With the Strong Egypt Party's expected dissolution, we delve into the requisite legal procedures
Excerpt from Amr Ezzat’s Room 304 Or How I Hid from My Dear Father for 35 Years
Mada Masr publishes an excerpt of the English version of Amr Ezzat's new memoir
4 days of isolation: Waiting for the start of Operation Sinai 2018
A glimpse into the lives of North Sinai residents under siege due to Operation Sinai 2018
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State Council ruling allows imprisoned activist Alaa Abd El Fattah to receive books, letters
Amid allegations of sexual misconduct, Khaled Ali resigns from party and ECESR
16 accused of illegal assembly outside police station following Afroto’s death ordered to be released
Private Egyptian energy company signs US$15b deals to import gas from Israel
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Parastou Hassouri
Trapped on island ‘hotspots:’ Life for refugees in Greece after the EU-Turkey deal
As the possibilities of relocating slim further, remaining in Greece is hard to accept
Ahmed Wael
The intricacies of parental speech: From our parents to our children
On how we were raised and how we raise our children
Amr Abdel Rahman and Dalia Abdel Hameed
Tolerance only allows certain citizens to sleep
Citizenship, homophobia and the failure of tolerance

The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"