sexual assault
Ahmed Bassam Zaki’s charges highlight flaws in penal code
Zaki’s sentence may ultimately come down to the judge’s interpretation of the facts of the case.
Daily COVID-19 roundup: July 13
“We call on the security forces to stop targeting doctors” — Doctors’ petition to release colleagues
DETOX | Better late than never
Women are rightfully angry, and they’re demanding to be heard.
Video | Here comes the bride!
Menem Sami | The pandemic hasn't curbed romantic love or couples' desire to embark on a shared life.
Where do survivors of sexual violence turn? The case of Ahmed Bassam Zaki
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The legal system’s past handling of sexual violence cases does not inspire confidence in victims.
Coronavirus shuttered high schools — but the exam tutoring business is still booming
Nada Arafat | On the eve of their final Arabic language exam, thirteen students in their third and final year of thanaweya
To jump into the unknown: Egyptian laborers stranded in the Gulf in the time of COVID-19
The COVID-19 crisis comes as the GCC countries attempt to reduce reliance on foreign labor
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Despite continuing impact of COVID-19, Senate elections date set for August
Nora Younis, chief editor of Al-Manassa, detained after raid on office
Egypt asks UN Security Council to intervene in GERD dispute, Sisi says Egypt committed to diplomatic solution
Journalists arrested in Egypt amid crackdown on press freedoms
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Rosaline Elbay
Maybe you are hand-me-downs because a person, really, is a collection of memories
Nora Younis
My crime is managing a media website
I went into the bathroom and messaged the lawyer who was on his way to me: “Am I getting arrested?”
Kenzie Azmi
Is a ban on wildlife trade the best way to prevent another pandemic?
Egypt is also a player in the global wildlife trade.

The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"