Egypt’s COVID-19 contradiction: Fewer cases, higher death rate
Despite a plateau in the case rate over the summer, the death rate continued to climb


War in Tigray casts shadow over Sudan
Nasr Eddin al-Tayib | Refugees fleeing from Tigray are expected to soon reach 50,000.
When bridges fail: Alexandria’s Mahmoudiya Axis leaves pedestrians in a bind
Nada Gamal | "Personally, the only ‘development’ I feel is having to carry my son every time we cross the road"
Court sets verdict date for EIPR asset freeze order after refusing to hear defense
EIPR's lawyers only learned of the freeze while trying to obtain visitation permits on Monday
Contentious ‘joint investigation’ into Regeni murder ends with mutual Egyptian-Italian understanding to part ways
Egypt will “temporarily close” its investigation into the 2016 murder of Italian PhD student Giulio
Not for Amateurs: My friend Karim Ennarah
Turanga Leela | Karim corrected them: “We are going to state security premises.”
Video | Without a past, there is no present
Rowan El Shimi | Hussein al-Azaat takes us on a tour of his collection of rare books, comics, prints, stamps, posters
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Crackdown on EIPR sparks international condemnation
Ten executions carried out in Minya
In rare move, court orders release of 460 detainees held in remand detention
Four days since disappearance of photojournalist following national security summons
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Talal Al-Rashoud
Icon of defiance and hope: Gamal Abdel Nasser’s image in Gulf history
Will the last traces of Nasser’s image disappear from Bahrain as they have in neighboring states?
H.A. Hellyer
Obscuring the occupation: A visit to Hebron
It is in Hebron that the military occupation actually divides a civilian population.
Mohamed Ramadan
How the state forced small-scale farmers to grow cement and bricks
How did the failure of Egypt’s development model accelerate building on agricultural lands?

The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"