Armed Forces in Sinai

Military says 3 jihadis killed in Sinai checkpoint attack

An attack on a checkpoint in Sheikh Zuwayed resulted in the deaths of three jihadis on Sunday, military spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali said on his official Facebook page.

Ali added that military and police forces arrested four others during a raid on Sunday in the same area.

The military also destroyed eight tunnels in Rafah, in the districts of Sarsoureya, Halawat and Brazil, and confiscated two cars with no license plates that they said had possibly been used in terrorist attacks in Northern Sinai.

Border guards arrested two assailants in Shoushet al-Khadem district and confiscated a truck carrying firearms and drugs, according to privately owned Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, which added that the assailants had attempted to set the truck on fire before the arrest.

In February, the Armed Forces killed six Islamist militants and captured ten others during a raid on a small village in Arish in Northen Sinai. They also destroyed several smuggling tunnels and ten bases which they believe belonged to terrorist cells.