Ahmed Maher, Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Douma

Jailed activist releases statement written on toilet paper

The jailed political activist Ahmed Maher has released a strongly worded attack on the state of human rights under the military-led interim government. In particular, the leader of the April 6 Youth Movement criticized what he referred to as the “mock” National Council for Human Rights.

Late Tuesday, Maher’s message, in Arabic, was posted on the official “Mubasher 6 April” Facebook page. He claimed to have written the statement from his cell in Torah Prison, using toilet paper, after having been banned from writing and denied paper.

The message’s title was “The National Council for Sisi Rights.” In the first paragraph, Maher described some of the council members as “agents for the state who used to report about activists to security before the revolution.”

“Other than that a number of [the council’s] members have used speech full of racism, hatred and incitement, what human rights are they talking about when they are supporting the government and the Ministry of Interior’s brutality?” Maher asked.

Maher went on to say that a human rights council should have no political orientation. “How can the members of the National Council for Human Rights have political leanings and be pro-authority?” he asked.

He continued, “There is no difference between this council and Mubarak’s mock councils.”

Maher also criticized the human rights activists Negad al-Boraaey and Ragya Omran for their involvement with the council “while torture continues inside police stations, the government passed the protest law and the revolution’s youth are now in jail.“

“How could they accept to be part of this play?” Maher asked.

The long-time activist faces charges of assaulting police forces and taking part in riots in front of Abdeen Court on November 30.

He was arrested for calling for protests to defy the new law was held outside the Shura Council in late November.