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Photo by: 
Virginie Nguyen

Human chains demand freedom for detainees

The Thuwar Front organized human chains across Egypt, calling for the release of political detainees held since the 2011 uprising, Monday.

In Giza, human chains extended across 6th of October Bridge from Agouza to Zamalek, where protesters held posters carrying names and pictures of different detainees.

Human chains were also simultaneously formed in Mansoura, Damietta, Alexandria, Beni Suef, North Sinai and Gharbiya.

A similar protest was held on 6th of October Bridge last month, when demonstrators attempted to avoid using any political slogans, in order to remind the public that political prisoners are being forgotten regardless of their political affiliation.

Mohamed Ibrahim, one of the founding members of the Thuwar Front, told Mada Masr that protesters are again steering clear of chants since they are calling for the freedom of all political detainees.

While the demonstration last month was held only in Giza, Monday’s reached governorates around the country, Ibrahim said, adding that the front will continue to apply pressure to release the detainees.

The protests are held in coordination with the April 6 Movement, the Strong Egypt Party and other student movements.

The Thuwar Front was launched last September with the aim of achieving social justice, democracy and equality.

The human chains are held under the name of “Al-Horreya Lil Geda’an” (Freedom for the Brave), overlapping with a recently launched campaign with the same name. The protests, however, are not affiliated with the campaign, Khaled Abdel Hamid, one of the campaign’s spokespeople told Mada Masr.

While the front and the campaign share similar goals, the campaign does not organize any activities on the ground, Abdel Hamid explained.

Instead, the campaign focuses on bringing attention to arbitrary detentions, political detainees and torture through press conferences and statements.