What has happened to the NGO law?
Rana Mamdouh | The deadline has elapsed for the president to respond to Parliament's NGO law, and there are suspicions
While a bad year for civil society, all vow to find ways to continue
Lina Attalah | Facing intensifying restrictions, which may hurt the rule of law most, civil society workers vow to continue
Parliament approves secretly drafted NGO law
Mohamed Hamama | Parliament announced the approval of a controversial draft NGO bill on Tuesday. Deliberations on the
Rights workers criticize Egypt’s new Cabinet-approved NGO law
Mai Shams El-Din | Human rights workers criticize Egypt's new Cabinet-approved NGO law, of which Mada Masr obtained a copy
Working in human rights in Egypt
The Egyptian state appears poised to enter into renewed confrontation with some of Egypt’s best known
Tahrir Academy NGO halts its activities
Mai Shams El-Din | Egyptian online collaborative learning platform Tahrir Academy declared in a statement this week that
Human rights in focus: Gamal Eid
Heba Afify | There are no compromises when it comes to human rights. Torture is a crime regardless of who does it;
Human rights in focus: Gasser Abdel Razek
Lina Attalah | In the summer of 2014, state-owned newspapers published a government-sponsored ultimatum to all NGOs
Human rights in focus: A series of conversations
Mai Shams El-Din | This is an introduction to a series of interviews by Mada Masr with human rights workers in Egypt that
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Moataz El Fegiery
Escalating reprisals against human rights defenders
Prominent young activists are in jail, stigmatization of human rights defenders has increased and further
Ahmed Ezzat
Law to hush up NGOs
Along the lines of the protest law, which the government enforced to restrain the public sphere and hinder
Court calls on Interior Ministry to pursue HRW for ‘illegal’ operation in Egypt
Minister: Parliament has not sent NGO law to presidency for approval
Review of Azza Soliman’s, other rights workers’ asset freezes, adjourned to December 14
UK criticizes new NGO law calling it a ‘step backwards’
Update: Egypt’s Parliament passes new NGO law
UN experts raise alarm at Egypt’s NGO crackdown
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Cartoon: Don’t talk to strangers
Andeel | #Sisi issues law allowing life sentences to be given to those receiving foreign funds.Sisi: "Hehehe... Except me!"