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The Journalists Syndicate and the state: 2 crises, 21 years apart
Mostafa Mohie and Omar Said | The Syndicate prepares for mid-term elections under the shadow of its 2016 feud with the state
Timeline: The Journalists Syndicate and the state, an ongoing battle
Beesan Kassab | A timeline of events leading to sentencing of syndicate head Yehia Qallash this month.
Breaking the back of the Journalists Syndicate
Beesan Kassab and Omar Said | A month after security forces stormed the Journalist Syndicate and arrested two reporters, the standoff
The Journalists Syndicate Council resolutions: Supporters and opponents
Beesan Kassab | Journalists conducting an extended sit-in at the Syndicate headquarters submitted a request Monday to
Leaked MOI memos reveal intentions to issue gag orders on Journalists Syndicate raid, Regeni’s murder
Mohamed Hamama | Amid its feud with the Journalists Syndicate, the Interior Ministry accidentally revealed its
In support of the Journalists Syndicate, in defense of our profession
While people around the world celebrate World Press Freedom Day, we are racing to cover the systematic
Deadlock in legislation regulating press freedom in Egypt
Mohamed Hamama | Egyptian journalists continue to face a critical threat to their freedom following the storming of the
A statement by Hossam Bahgat on his military detention, interrogation
Hossam Bahgat | Mada Masr contributor Hossam Bahgat recently published a statement on his Facebook account in which he
New plans to regulate digital media
Mohamed Hamama | A year in the works, a draft law for the regulation of newspapers and media was completed in August.
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The Journalists Syndicate’s victory
In an outrageous move, Egyptian security forces stormed the headquarters of the Journalists Syndicate
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Censorship in Egypt: Online and offline
Freedom of expression and Egypt’s revolution Freedom of expression lies at the heart of the changes
Registration to open Monday for Egypt’s nascent Broadcasters Union
Journalists Syndicate react to reduction of verdict against former head and board members
Failing to meet quorum, Journalists Syndicate elections postponed for 2 weeks
Verdict on Journalists Syndicate leaders’ appeal adjourned until March 25
Parliament disregards Journalists Syndicate in passing media regulators law: syndicate head
Journalists Syndicate leading figures sentenced to two years in prison
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