IMF loan in hand, where will the promised LE25 bn in social spending be allocated?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Experts warn nominal increases in social spending will not ease financial woes
The We Want to Live campaign: Impoverishment is a political choice
Osman El Sharnoubi | How does this new grassroots campaign aim to pursue social justice for Egyptians?
IMF intervention: Lessons from Asia and Latin America
Waad Ahmed | Accounts of IMF intervention in Asia and Latin America in the 1990s
Recap: 6 frequently asked questions about Egypt’s IMF loan
Beesan Kassab | What is the interest rate? What are the conditions?
Has Parliament been sidelined in Egypt’s loan-approval process?
Mohamed Hamama | With the $12 billion IMF loan, Parliament will not have approved approximately $40 billion in loans.
Mapping IMF intervention in the Arab world
Beesan Kassab | As Egypt waits to hear if the board has approved its IMF loan, we look at other regional agreements.
Egypt seeks US$12 billion IMF loan, but at what cost?
Mohamed Hamama | After months of denial, officials announce Egypt is seeking a loan from the IMF, but at what cost?
And the economy?
With the rapid unfolding of political developments, sporadic clashes on the streets that are expected
Ayman Ismail
13 simple truths about the economy
You cannot attract foreign investors if you can't keep your local investors.
Isabel Esterman
IMF conditionality: Does it even matter?
Does it really matter whether austerity policies are dictated by the IMF, or are the result of officials
Mohamed Gad
Talking finance: Will the minister reform subsidies?
Hany Qadry, the current finance minister in Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb’s Cabinet, might be an unfamiliar
IMF releases staff agreement on Egypt loan, mission chief commends economic program’s progress
IMF’s failure to meet transparency timeframe on Egypt’s loan suggests government objections: EIPR
IMF: Egypt’s new import tariffs not a condition for $12 billion loan
IMF board approves US$12 bn loan to Egypt
IMF welcomes Egypt’s austerity measures, advises against lifting food subsidies
Political parties, public figures urge Sisi to suspend IMF talks
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