Eggplant recipes — Mada seasonal vegetable series
Mada's seasonal vegetable series presents recipes for meaty moussaka, eggplant rice and eggplant homemade
Farm to fork: Slow Food in downtown — new communities, economies and supply lines
Nadia El-Dasher | Alternative economies and new communities form around the Slow Downtown: Farm to Fork Menu & Market
Spinach recipes – Mada seasonal vegetable series
In the first piece in Mada's seasonal vegetable recipe series, three cooks share delectable spinach dishes.
The bargain shopper’s guide to Cairo: Fokhareen and Fustat Market
Heba Afify and Rowan El Shimi | A visit to Fokhareen (pottery makers) and Fustat handicraft market in Old Cairo.
Some of Cairo’s restaurants in a handy map
Some of Cairo's restaurants on a useful map.
Not going straight to college: An atypical year
Jaida El Shimi | Instead of going straight to university, 19-year-old Jaida El Shimi spent a year working and travelling.
Rowan, or the way the cat walks
Mohamed Hamama | A view into the world of a 20-something Egyptian fashion model
Q&A with Omar Samra: From conquering to letting go
Omar Samra talks to Mada Masr about incorporating personal loss into his life mission and moving away
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