IMF releases staff agreement on Egypt loan, mission chief commends economic program’s progress
IMF mission chief for Egypt Chris Jarvis commended Egypt in a video briefing aired Wednesday, alongside
Parliament raises income tax exemption limit
Egypt's Parliament unanimously approved a proposal to raise the income tax exemption limit from LE13,500
Do stock market gains affect the wider economy?
Waad Ahmed | Analysts say the main index has less of an impact on the wider economy than prior to the 2011 revolution
Slashed wheat subsidies leave farmers at the mercy of fluctuating global markets
Waad Ahmed | Local wheat farmers are facing uncertainty after the removal of government subsidies
In the year of the economy, Egyptians kept their eyes on the dollar
Heba Afify | Can the conversations that have emerged amid Egypt's economic crisis get at the root of economic policies?
IMF’s failure to meet transparency timeframe on Egypt’s loan suggests government objections: EIPR
The IMF has failed to meet its timeframe for publishing its staff report on Egypt’s economy, and other
IMF intervention: Lessons from Asia and Latin America
Waad Ahmed | Accounts of IMF intervention in Asia and Latin America in the 1990s
Annual inflation reaches highest level since 2008, with London firm projecting further increases
Annual inflation increased to 20.2 percent in comparison to the figures posted in November 2015
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