Cairo, coffee, headphones and a conversation with Nur
From making music for Sufi dhikr rituals to the popularity of musique concrète
Ali Abdel Mohsen’s new artworks still scream out “WHY?”
Lara El Gibaly | These days, there is less blood to spill and more bile to swallow
Tips from the culture desk: Cities, shorts and Habibi Funk
Here are the tips from our culture team this week
Three takes on Mawlana: A timely film that plays it safe
Andeel, Rowan El Shimi and Yasmine Zohdi | "It’s a big scared film in small country that’s run by guys who are scared of everything."
Tips from the culture desk: Lots of talks, lots of shows
This week is ideal for those who live in Cairo’s busy city center, with many events being hosted by various
Dubai Film Festival celebrates the margins of Egyptian cinema
Hossam Helaly | The Dubai festival seems to be helping Egyptian cinema overcome its artistic slump
Teaching Egyptians to read ancient plants: Pioneering the field of archaeobotany in Egypt
Meredith Brand | The second in our series on Egyptology, archaeology and heritage management in Egypt.
Music industry conversations: Sarah El Miniawy
Maha ElNabawi | In a new series, Maha ElNabawi speaks to music professionals about the term “industry”.
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