Maii Waleed, Ahmed Saleh and Marawan Waheed on the funk and life of Mohamed Helal
Maha ElNabawi | Behind the scenes at Found in Translation, our new collaboration with Cairo Jazz Club
Mada Mix: On student heavy metal band Worsens
Tugrul Mende | Worsens are about to release their first album, which includes a version of Goethe's dark poem The Erlking
Tips from the culture desk: Omar Amiralay, classical premieres and Cairo Bats
Our tips for the week, including the latest addition to Mada Mada’s Cairo events, Found in Translation
Producing inequality: Creative economies in Cairo
Ilka Eickhof | Economic language has seeped deep into the everyday in western Europe, and is being imported into Egypt
The games that happen behind the camera: A conversation with filmmaker Ahmed Elghoneimy
Mai Elwakil | "The cast gets implicated in the films, and we develop them together"
Tips from the culture desk: 2 state festivals, 2 performances, 2 club nights
2 state-sponsored culture festivals, an exhibition at Gypsum, documentaries at Cimatheque
Samir Farid remembered by the filmmakers and critics he affected
Rowan El Shimi | Filmmakers and fellow critics tell us their memories of the renowned film writer
Remembering Derek Walcott: Enemy of metaphor, and a metaphor thief
Omar Khalifa | Omar Khalifa recounts how he discovered the Saint Lucian poet through Mahmoud Darwish
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