Abdelrahman Mansour and Mohamed Aboelgheitit
Hope without illusion: Preparing for Egypt’s 2018 presidential elections
2018 will not be the end of the road if we seek to be taken seriously as competitors
Amr Adly
The IMF is neither the problem nor the solution
Development does not co-exist naturally with free market policies
Sarah Calamand
The French presidential election: Why is the choice so difficult?
The fate of France's democratic system is tied up with a disoriented and hesitant French electoral public
Amr Abdel Rahman
In search of legitimacy: From mandate to emergency law
With Sisi basing his governance on a popular mandate, is emergency law a way to maintain legitimate power?
Alaa Abd El Fattah
A profile of the activist outside his prison
"I’ve realized that every struggle is an opportunity for understanding"
Amro Ali
Alexandria’s church bombing and the deepening of melancholia
Shock and grief in Alexandria after the Palm Sunday church bombing
Pesha Magid
Trump and Sisi bond over counter-terrorism ambitions
The Trump-Sisi relationship will likely embolden both leaders in their fight against terrorism
Amal Eqeiq
Palestine Land Day collection: Diaries of a hedgehog feminist
On Palestine Land Day
Mohamed Seif El Nasr
On apartheid, a future Palestinian state and Egypt’s ‘dear Sinai’
On the speculative idea of annexing Sinai for a future Palestinian state
Amr Adly
The IMF as knee surgeon on a cancerous patient
"You ask me about the poor and their problems? These are issues that need creative solutions"
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