Walid Shawky
When we won the odyssey but lost the battle: On April 6 (part 2)
The organization of organization-haters: Swimming against the current
Sharif Abdel Kouddous
What Stand Rocking can tell Tahrir
Maybe the Standing Rock victory is the pattern of the world: Moments of beauty that cannot last
Ana Maria Raietparvar
Brazil and the ‘end of the world’
Protests and political polarization in Brazil amid austerity and impeachment
Edna Bonhomme
Trump and the possibilities of resistance
As the US enters a harrowing period, it is worth asking how communities build solidarity networks
Tamer Waguih
Castro, statism and the Egyptian revolution
There must be complete liberation for the people, by the people.
Roberto Pitea
The first act of a future populist Italian government?
On the Italian constitutional referendum vote and rocky times ahead.
Adam Mestyan
Digital source imperialism and the Arab world
The digital world is not freely accessible to all
Ishaq Ibrahim
How can Egypt prevent another pre-Christmas bombing?
It’s delusional to believe announcing the names of the perpetrators will prevent another attack
Khaled Ahmed
Civil disobedience in Sudan: How far will it go?
Civil disobedience continues in Sudan amid austerity and hardship.
Rana Sabbagh
Despite growing repression, investigative journalism survives in the Arab world
On media challenges in the region as the ninth Annual Forum of Arab Investigative Journalists opens today.
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