Ghadeer Ahmed
When progressives call abortion murder
In defense of a woman's decision to bear her child, it was progressives who condemned abortion
Basma Abdel Aziz
State mechanisms of manipulation and persuasion
What are the mechanisms the state has used to assume and maintain power in Egypt?
Mahmoud Sharif
Camp David: Fortress of the counterrevolution
Future resistance struggles will not succeed unless they confront new imperialism
Roberto Pitea
Travelogue: Minorities, nostalgia and gentrification in Iran
Europeans marvel at multiculturalism in Iran, yet ignore the need to protect minorities back home
Linda Herrera
The precarity of youth: Entrepreneurship is not the solution
The UN’s market-based language of youth empowerment is not relevant to the experiences of Arab youth
Abdel Azeem Hammad
The imperial doctrines of Donald Trump and Theresa May
Signs of reviving British and US imperialism are bad news for the region
Helena Nassif
On Punishability – Researching in Egypt after Regeni
What does it mean to write through fear?
Sameh Naguib
Tactics of a risk-taking regime
The current regime is taking short-term risks, but will they backfire?
Edna Bonhomme
Trump’s first days in office: A slew of devastating presidential orders
Trump's policies on immigration, the environment and health have spurred mass protests in the US
Laura Gribbon
Defeat as a useful sentiment
Authenticity and possibility in collective defeat
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