Karoline Kamel
Copts, analysts dismiss church claims they can move freely in Sinai
Heba Afify and Karoline Kamel | Church representatives claim Copts can move freely in Sinai, contrary to reports on the ground
Anger and desperation accompany Copts from their homes in Arish to Ismailia
Karoline Kamel | Sinai's Copts are faced with a church that closed its doors to them and a state that intervened too late
The Red Monastery: Egypt’s last Byzantine monument
Karoline Kamel | Pharaonic land, Christian sanctuary, Muslim workers
From the flood of fury and tears: What happened at St. Peter and St. Paul Church?
Karoline Kamel | Karoline Kamel reports from the immediate aftermath of the bombing of St. Peter and St. Paul Church
Why do so many Egyptian women not breastfeed?
Karoline Kamel | Amid social and economic pressures, breastfeeding rates fall far below international recommendations.