Jano Charbel
Jano has been a journalist for the last eight years. He took to journalism his passion for labor issues, which he has studied academically, becoming an authority in the field. He is also drawn to environmental issues, which he has also read more
Egypt continues to suffer from WWII landmines
Jano Charbel | Landmine survivors and activists say they shamed the state into taking more action
Report: World Bank policies in Egypt may exacerbate climate change
Jano Charbel | World Bank policies are increasing carbon emissions in Egypt, exacerbating risk for the most vulnerable
State responds to recent labor protests with heightened repression and exceptional legal measures
Jano Charbel | Recent labor protests have found themselves confronted by repression as Egypt continues to weather economic
Sisi to Irish delegation: ‘If I had the power to, I would free Ibrahim Halawa’
Jano Charbel | An interview with TD Paul Murphy on the Irish delegation's visit to Egypt to lobby for the release of
Lawyers, MPs say Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian
Beesan Kassab and Jano Charbel | Opposition to the government's ceding of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia includes parliamentarians
A Cairo without animal carts?
Jano Charbel | Cart drivers view the Cairo governor financing plan to replace their animal-drawn carts with motor vehicles
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HRW calls on Egypt for information on 4 Palestinians missing for 20 months
Excavation of King Khufu’s second solar ship unearths vessel’s largest plank
Report: Nile Delta’s increasing salinity and rising sea levels may make Egypt uninhabitable by 2100
Moushira Khattab condemns closure of rights activist Gamal Eid’s Al-Karama libraries
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