Sisi’s third TV interview: ‘Here come the Egyptians’
Courtesy: Dream TV screen shot

Presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al-Sisi started his television interview Sunday evening on Dream and Al-Nahar channels with a song reference, “Here come the Egyptians,” to describe the unprecedented number of expatriates that have headed to polling stations in the last couple of days around the world.

Sisi expressed his concern about those who say the elections are rigged for his benefit, and requested that people don’t overdo his presidential campaign.

He acknowledged the unstable economy and its effect on business: “We need to increase national production at an unprecedented rate, to end the state of impoverishment that we live in,” Sisi said.

When he was asked if he is out of touch with the youth of the nation, he said that young Egyptians should vote for whichever candidate they prefer.

“I knew on June 30 that the Armed Forces would go down again and told everybody you will need us again,” he said, in response to a question concerning allegations that the military conspired against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sisi added that he informed the American administration in April that Brotherhood rule would not continue, as it became obvious that the group was ruling and not just Morsi.