Activists hunger strike in Tora prison

Founder of the April 6 Youth Movement Ahmed Maher, member of the group’s political bureau Mohamed Adel and prominent activist Ahmed Douma began a hunger strike on Thursday in protest over what they described as “harsh treatment” in Tora prison, April 6 stated in a report on its website.

The activists denounced the inhumane conditions they have endured whilst in prison, as well as the psychological war waged against them by fellow prisoners. They suggested that the National Council for Human Rights conduct a spot check of the facility to inspect the living standards.

According to the report, prison management denied the activists winter uniforms, a move that could be fatal in this cold weather. The group holds the Interior Ministry, the Justice Ministry and Egyptian authorities responsible for the ill-treatment of prisoners.

The general coordinator of the April 6 Youth Movement, Amr Aly, spoke out against the government’s recent classification of the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist organization,” describing it as “closing the last door to saving the country from the state of chaos.” Aly added, “Listing the Brotherhood as a terrorist group won’t stop the attacks, but will stop hope.”