Egypt’s health sector in the shadow of devaluation: All roads lead to ruin
Mohamed Hamama | Mona Mina argues it's illogical to choose either poor resource management or privatization for the health
An internal review of the Muslim Brotherhood: Reform, militancy or politics?
Mohamed Hamama | Does the document represent a change in course, or a means to gain support from a political base?
Tips from the culture desk: Ballet, Beer in the Snooker Club, film and more D-CAF highlights
Arts recommendations for Cairo and Alexandria this week.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Piper
Ismail Fayed | The Piper is fundamentally the extended staging of the death of the poet — or indeed of poetry itself.
Another stream of synonyms: A conversation with Rana ElNemr
Lina Attalah | Talking about undermining the documentary, intuition, maps, clichés and curiosity.
Books, copyright laws and the economy
Waad Ahmed | Informal publishers step in as formal publishers fail to respond to the economic crisis, but access continues
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Journalists Syndicate react to reduction of verdict against former head and board members
Archaeologists unearth host of ancient Egyptian monuments in Luxor, Aswan
Explosion in south Cairo suburb kills 1, injures 3
US$50 million smuggled Egyptian artifacts shipped to US in 2016: US Census Bureau
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Amr Adly
The IMF as knee surgeon on a cancerous patient
"You ask me about the poor and their problems? These are issues that need creative solutions"
Mohamed Elmenshawy
Tensions between Egypt’s FM and intelligence agencies play out in Washington
Why did Egypt's intelligence contract a lobbying company in Washington and PR firm in NYC?
Sahar Mandour
Verbal divorce: A man-to-man fight in the ‘year of women’
At the center of the 'year of women' is the relationship between men

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The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"