Before I begin, let me state some facts, so that when people begin the ad hominem attacks they can try to rein them in within the following boundaries:

I voted for Mohamed Morsi in the second round of the presidential elections (to keep Ahmed Shafiq out).

I am one of the administrators of a blog called “MB in English” that features English translations of awful statements of a sectarian, conspiratorial or bonkers nature that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) intends for domestic consumption only.

I am against army intervention in politics.

I state all this because Egyptian politics and society in general are currently split along identity lines in a way that they have never been over the last three years. This problem is so chronic that the merits or flaws of an argument are almost entirely determined by who is making the argument, considered through a haze of fury and suspicion.

The Muslim Brotherhood should have been left to fail as they had not (yet) committed an act justifying Morsi’s removal by the military. The price Egypt has paid and will pay for the consequences of this decision are too high.

For the past week, I have been trundling between the pro- and anti-Morsi protests. It is like traveling between two planets. The pro-camp has significantly more men than woman — although there are women and children there — and it lacks the social diversity of the anti-camp. I have never seen one unveiled woman who is not a journalist there. I have never met a Christian or encountered any other journalist who has met one there (it is important to note that pro-Morsi protesters and pro-Morsi media have often claimed that there are Christians attending their sit-in). At the same time, they also allege that the church was behind the former Mubarak regime-US-Zionist plot to oust Morsi.

The point is that the pro-Morsi crowd is largely homogenous. Their opponents use this homogeneity as evidence that the MB is, at best, an organization that has failed to market itself to non-supporters; and, at worst, a closed group unconcerned with non-members.

While the MB’s opposition might be correct in this assertion, many go one step further. They suggest that Morsi supporters are all members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and all unthinking androids programmed by the Supreme Guide. The popular derogatory term for them is khirfan (sheep). The aim here is to dehumanize and deny agency, much in the same way the Muslim Brotherhood dismiss their opponents as kuffar (infidels) or feloul (Mubarak regime beneficiaries or loyalists).

On July 4, I went to the Nasr City sit-in countering the mass June 30 protests calling for the president's removal. There was a line of tanks about a kilometer from the entrance checking bags and bothering journalists. Behind the tanks, barbed wire had been put in place. Two men stood five meters apart in silence, both carrying pictures of Morsi. A man went past them and began shouting. He was an engineer with a lisp who explained in a desperate tone that he did not take part in the January 25 protests, but that these protests taught him “how to state an opinion and protect it.” He had voted for Morsi in both rounds of the presidential elections, but insisted that he was at the protest not to support an individual, but “an idea.”

“I learned democracy from the elite. So I voted. But I have learned that there is no revolution and no democracy,” he argued.

As he was talking, a man nearby started screaming in the direction of the army while holding up a poster of Morsi. He was so furious that he succeeded in ripping his poster in two, at which point he crumpled into a heap on the ground and wept.

On Saturday, I attended the somber and low-key funeral of Mohamed Sobhy, a father of two who had been shot in the head the day before outside the Republican Guards Officers Club. Eyewitnesses say that Sobhy was killed after he put a Morsi poster on the barbed wire in front of some troops who seemed to have gotten nervous. In total, four men died at that protest.

I saw his body half an hour later, covered in a sheet and surrounded by bewildered protesters. I tried to tweet the picture, but the network was not cooperating and it would not send. So I tweeted that a man had been killed and his body was still here, and that I was trying to send a picture for all those who I knew would say I was lying.

The problem is not that people did not believe me after the first tweet (it is always good to be cautious). The problem is that they were disputing that a man had died even when the photo was uploaded. One man responded: “He doesn’t have Egyptian features.” Others suggested it was an old photo. When a video appeared and it was no longer possible to dispute the fact that a man had been shot outside the Presidential Guards Officers Club in Cairo at the same date and time as the pro-Morsi lot were alleging, attention turned to his injuries.

Sobhy was facing the army when he fell to the ground, and blood gushed out of the back of his head. There was an almost immediate consensus that he had to have been shot from behind. The most popular conclusion was that the MB themselves had killed Sobhy to incriminate the Armed Forces. The outpouring of outrage in response to a suspected military killing of a civilian that usually characterizes such events was completely absent. There was not a single Egyptian news outlet at the victim's funeral other than Mada Masr.

The situation was very different at the funeral for youths from Manial killed in clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and residents of the Cairo neighborhood. Lots of media, lots of sympathy and lots of outrage — all certainly deserved.

An almost identical scene played out on Monday morning, as Egypt woke up to the news that over 40 people had been killed, again outside the Republican Guards Officers Club. State television and private satellite channels such as ONTv restricted their coverage to airing interviews with security forces, and stating conclusively and irrefutably that armed pro-Morsi protesters instigated the attack against the army.

Presenter Amany al-Khayat talked about “terrorists” —the pro-Morsi supporters — hiding out in residential areas. When making reference to the bodies of pro-Morsi demonstrators being kept in the Rabea al-Adaweya Mosque — the location of the pro-Morsi sit-in — her tone was derisory and mocking.

In describing these scenes, I am not seeking sympathy for pro-Morsi supporters. I disagree with them politically. Some of them have themselves been responsible for acts of unimaginable, barbaric violence. Independent journalists have reported that some of them are armed (just as they have reported that their opponents have arms). Their decision to march to Maspero and to Tahrir via Manial was a provocative act of such crass stupidity that anyone with any shame should have disassociated themselves from the protests.

My problem is with the reaction to these protesters. The nominally non-partisan media variously ignores, belittles or demonizes what represents a large section of Egyptian society. There is none of the nuance of the coverage of the anti-Morsi protests. The virulent, xenophobic anti-American sentiment of some protesters is not held to represent the collective. Systematic acts of sexual violence against women in Tahrir Square are not used to discredit the entire cause. When the pro-army tone started to appear after June 30, it was emphasized that not all protesters back the military. The Egyptian media has by and large overlooked any similar inquiry into the motivations of the other side.

This is problematic for three reasons, and all of them concern Egyptian society at large rather than the Morsi brigade.

Firstly, it confirms once again that local media is more interested in telling us what it thinks should happen, rather than what is happening. Secondly, it underestimates the danger posed by an alienated and committed group who believe that they have been robbed. Lastly, it is a cheap way of avoiding a debate about the issue that actually mattered until July 3: Whether an elected president should be removed via mass protests.

There is a visceral hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Salafi associates amongst some Egyptians. This hatred spans all social classes and predates current events. It is born out of an arguably justified mistrust and fear of the group, which has lied, put its own interests first, excluded other groups, ram-rodded through an excuse for a constitution, attempted to give Morsi dictatorial powers, flirted with the military and dallied in sectarian politics in a frightening way. It failed to understand that it was running a country, and it missed the point that for public relations purposes, if you are an Arab president who desires to quash dissent through an organized group, you better make sure that that group is in uniform.

Perhaps most importantly, they were feeble as hell at governing Egypt at a time when amateurs really just would not do.

When Morsi supporters attempt to put their case forward, their arguments bounce back off a wall of hate, but — deep breath — in my opinion, these arguments were not without merit — up until June 30.  Morsi’s intransigence and the behavior of his supporters after June 30 outweighs any legitimacy they once had. Mendacity, poor governance, self-interest and the sidelining of other political powers are pretty much the watchwords of all political groups and are not, in isolation, enough to justify a president’s removal by the military.

The November 22 Constitutional Declaration that granted the former president unprecedented powers was an outrage and perhaps a harbinger of sinister stuff to come, but Morsi rescinded it. He waded through blood after the events that constitutional declaration sparked at the Presidential Palace in December 2012 when the Muslim Brotherhood deployed their men against anti-Morsi protesters.

The MB’s sectarian language, the increase in sectarian incidents, the attack on the St. Mark’s Cathedral in April, Morsi’s failure to react to a sheikh who called Shias “filth,” and the entirely useless response to the Shia lynchings in June were all important indications of an unwillingness to rein-in fringe extremist elements on the Islamist scene. Most significantly, they showed that Morsi was never interested in representing all Egyptians. But again, Morsi inherited a tradition of state discrimination and sectarianism from his predecessor; he just cranked it up several thousand notches.

As for flirting with the military, it is in fashion right now.

So my position on events pre-June 30 has not been changed by events since: The Muslim Brotherhood should have been left to fail as they had not (yet) committed an act justifying Morsi’s removal by the military. The price Egypt has paid and will pay for the consequences of this decision are too high. It has created a generation of Islamists who genuinely believe that democracy does not include them. The post-June 30 fallout reaffirms this belief, especially with Islamist channels and newspapers closed down, as well as leaders detained and held incommunicado, apparently pursuant to an executive decision. For 30 years, Mubarak told them that due process is not for them, and a popular revolution is confirming that. It is Egyptian society that will pay the price of the grievances this causes, and the fact that, with a silenced media and no coverage from independent outlets, they have been left with virtually no channels to get their voice heard.

I will not weigh in on the coup/revolution debate other than to say millions of Egyptians were on the ground demanding Morsi’s removal while military jets drew hearts in the skies above them, and then Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced that Morsi had (forcibly) buggered off. Nothing has changed. The real revolution will happen when army involvement in politics is a distant relic of history. 

In any case, the debate is semantic and tedious, and the nomenclature will not be decided now. The only aspect of the wider argument that interests me is the notion that an elected president’s legitimacy dissolves when millions take to the streets. If this is a precedent, then it means shaky times ahead when the masses’ interests do not coincide with those of the army.

Politically, Egypt finds itself once again in an almighty mess. As the euphoria fades, the opposition remembers that if they were asked to debate how many legs a cow before them had, one faction would question whether the animal was actually a cow, another would say four, and yet another would include the tail as a limb. The fun times have just started with the Salafi Nour Party vetoing Mohamed ElBaradei’s nomination as prime minister on the grounds that he is divisive, while Tamarod (the grassroots petition campaign behind the June 30 protests that led to Morsi's downfall) declares it is him, or else.

If the army has any sense, it will see that the legitimacy of the June 30 regime (for want of a better term) need not be predicated on crushing Islamists, no matter what the public appetite is. They have to be included, because they are not going anywhere. The barely functioning political system born of January 25 has been replaced with something even more fragile: Fractious squabbling with no clear means of resolution, the military as arbiter and an incensed MB that feels it has been cheated. Fasten your seatbelts. 

This article is published jointly with Jadaliyya.


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"There was not a single

"There was not a single Egyptian news outlet at the victim's funeral other than Mada Masr." Is that really true!?

Thank you for this very

Thank you for this very interesting article. As an American, I know our reputation within Egypt is bad. However, this kind of unbiased, thoughtful journalism helps people like me become more informed so we as a country can, hopefully, act more responsibly moving forward.

Very well thought article,

Very well thought article, super articulate.

"If the army has any sense, it will see that the legitimacy of the June 30 regime (for want of a better term)"

It is a "coup d'etat" there is no mincing words about it. The only way the Egyptian army can maintain any legitimacy "as an institution" is to have Sisi tried for high treason.

This is the only way that Egyptians can regain confidence in a national institution that is supposed to serve the "State" and its "officially" elected presiding civilian person.

Thank you for your sensitive

Thank you for your sensitive article. Obviously they're not sheep and they're energized by an idea. It's a bad idea yet it's not anybody's business to judge them for conducting their lives in such a fashion. Yet the trouble with it is that it is a totalitarian idea. While our Revolution was inclusive enough to contain them, they abused it and used it to eliminate all other ideas except their own. There is a reason Nazism is outlawed in Germany, and that's the reason Islamism and Egypt became on opposite ends of the spectrum. Had Morsi stayed any longer, the army would have sworn loyalty to him in time and the same coercion protecting the inclusiveness of the Revolution would have forced the Islamist worlview to the exclusion of all others much like Iran. If Islamism survives at all, it must do so not as a political ideology the aim of which is to dominate, but rather as an ultra conservative religious group within Islam. Our Revolution is about 'Live and let live' and their Islamist idea is about 'Live and force yourself on others'. If we shy away from shattering their political dreams, there will be no other place in Egypt for the rest of us. A totalitarian accepts democracy only once since at heart he's no pluralist and sees coercion & violence as the mean to change people's opinions to his own. When dealing with something as crucial as the destiny of millions of people, we can't give them a second chance or wait for them to complete their project because it would then be too late.

I totally agree with you Romy

I totally agree with you Romy. Not only are they trying to force their ideology on us but also they have no limits to what means to use to get there. It has been proven that they climbed over our January 25th revolution, they brought it Hamas member and helped terrorists escape our prison. They were behind the events that took place on January 28th. The Muslim brotherhood and all those so called "Islamists" unfortunately are all about protecting their own interest and taking over power. They are as far as it gets from what my religion commands. And as the ousted president famously blurted; Islam and politics don't mix! The way I see it is we are at war, with a terrorist organization that used its channels to charge the ignorant and encourage them to go kill their fellow egyptians whom they label as "koffar" and "3alamaneyeen." Why call for including terrorists in a moderate society? Their channels were used as weapons in their war so they had to be closed down! Are you saying that it is indemocratic to arrest talk show hosts that come out on TV and blatantly say "the blood of the opposition is "7alal"?! What kind of logic is that? If you listen to what is being said on the stage in rab3a it is all about martyrdom and blood shed for the sake of "Islam" and saving Morsi! They threaten that sisi has created new al Qaeda and Taliban in Egypt and that they are willing to carry out suicide bombings amongst us! They even have a project called "the martyr project" which ignorant and brain washed youngsters sign up to to show their willingness of carrying out suicidal attacks on us! Unarmed Egyptian civilians! In one year, Morsi the MB puppet has divided the Egyptian people, against our army our police force. We were living with no security, our gas and electricity was being sent to Gaza. Terrorists were being welcomed on our soil with open arms, our economy has never been worse, our relationships with the rest of the Arab world was on the verge of breaking down. Egypt has become a laughing stock in international media. The poor were getting poorer, the so called president isolated himself and his "Ahlo and 3asherto," or his family from the rest of the Egyptians. This is his own doing and now they are reaping what they sow. We were not going to stand there and give in to them just because he won "democratically." He is a fugitive, he escaped prison, and came to power using the dirtiest of games. As for our army they are backing us along with the police at a time of war and whatever measure they are taking now have to be extreme. I don't believe that they have any appetite for political power and I am against the killing of peaceful protestors that is for sure. But to go and attack a military facility as it has been shown in all the videos and then ask for say peaceful reaction from the army is just ridiculous! It won't happen in Egypt as in any part of the world. As for the guy who was shot in the head I and any other peaceful protestor, we feel very sorry for the lives lost but in every war there are casualties. I hope we come out of this as united as ever and I totally support ousting all those who use religion as means for brainwashing young minds and climbing the political leader. May God be with us, the army, the police force and Egypt in our war against terrorism.

nice reaction to a wonderful

nice reaction to a wonderful article
for the point that Morsi escaped prison, i think as many may say that he was not truly charged or a criminal. many people say that he as well as many other Muslim Brotherhood was taken in custody by the State Security Forces as a precaution or as it had always been happening during Mubarak's Regime otherwise the police now should provide evidence on his crimes that made them arrest him during the 25th January Revolution.
I cannot believe most of the accusations i see now on TV you now why? because I as a graduate from the Faculty of Archaeology as well as many other colleagues depend on resources or i shall say reliable resources of information to believe things so i log in to many different websites of different orientations and read to several readers and journalists both Arabs and Foreigners and then make my own conclusions
Ramadan Mubarak

i believe that you have tried

i believe that you have tried to be objective however you have failed to descripe the anti morci side, you have failed to see that they are from all social classes, men & women. Educated and not. All protesting for basic human rights & democracy
You did not objectively look at the current social situation that anti morci are in, as pro morci is terriosing the citzens across Egypt, marking the christine homes, hitting women, their leaders threatening people with violence. At the end these violent messages & actions will only create more isolation to MB and any relijious parties.
Yes they should be part of this society but no matter what average citzen will not forget the violent actions taken by MB towards citzens.
Army did not cut them out from politics but they did by all the threats & violence towards Egypt & its citzens. I hope that my answer gives you some highlight on the current situation from the other side as it was not clearly mentioned.

Sorry to tell you that this

Sorry to tell you that this not true what you're claiming here!! The terrorism we have seen and we are seeing now is against the pro morsi and the Bh , the whole state with all its institutions and baltajia are against them and terrorizing them and slaughtering them in the streets and in their offices..a whole conspiracy . All the victims are from their side. I have never seen throughout the history that a revolution is leaded by army police media and baltajiya!! This is no sense.. when it is a coup it is not a coup , believe you are in Egypt

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i believe that you have tried

i believe that you have tried to be objective however you have failed to descripe the anti morci side, you have failed to see that they are from all social classes, men & women. Educated and not. All protesting for basic human rights & democracy
You did not objectively look at the current social situation that anti morci are in, as pro morci is terriosing the citzens across Egypt, marking the christine homes, hitting women, their leaders threatening people with violence. At the end these violent messages & actions will only create more isolation to MB and any relijious parties.
Yes they should be part of this society but no matter what average citzen will not forget the violent actions taken by MB towards citzens.
Army did not cut them out from politics but they did by all the threats & violence towards Egypt & its citzens. I hope that my answer gives you some highlight on the current situation from the other side as it was not clearly mentioned.

Sorry but islamists have at

Sorry but islamists have at least two news outlets that are totally with all their positions - CNN and Al-Jazeera and a huge army of facebook and twitter supporters from Quatar, Lybia, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan and Gaza. And those supporters are islamists as well. Usual suspects that are chanting casual US and jews intervinience in Egypt`s politics, while totally forget about huge funding for Muslim Brotherhood by Quatar, Turkey etc...

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I have always enjoyed reading your tweets, posts and blogs since 2011. Thanks for your insights and for your passion for Egypt.

I have to disagree with you on one key point in the above analysis: Morsy, in typical Islamist fashion, tried to use his ballot-box legitimacy to usurp power and overturn the same democracy that gave him the presidency.

If we had a coherent constitution, and the needed checks and balances on our government he would have been impeached and perhaps even tried for treason.

We are now in a state of civil war, although if we are lucky it will be a short and decisive one. This is not the army's fault.

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Not enough but ..

Not enough but ..

there are few facts that we live to see them as facts in this world that the moment you see it you will know it . I agree with you with all the above but I do have some points to add .

first : When can you say that a president to be ousted ? It is the sole question that brought us to all of this mess in the first place .. also what is the legitimate way of removing the head of the state without going into a civil war and a state of chaos .

I chose to believe that the only way to do so is by the army since it is a revolution there are no legitimacy to anyone or anything .

the army in any country acts as a backup backbone to the nation , to be always as a strategic reserve in case of any act of war , sometimes armed forces also have a duty towards the internal affairs of the country even though by removing a legitimate elected head of state .

from point of view what is happening now was going to happen any way soon enough the only difference it would have been between the two parties pro and opposition.

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It pains the heart to read

It pains the heart to read most of the comments here to such a great article. They say they agree with you... and then they go on to say that "the Islamist are Nazis that should be banned", or that the "army is the backbone of society", or that Morsi "usurped" power... It pains the heart or is funny, I don't know. It goes a long way to show how lonely honest reporters like you must feel in these days. Nobody listens, and they are impermeable to argument. I pay you homage, though, for all that's worth. I agree with you, but I DO agree with you. Period.

Thank you, I'm glad someone

Thank you, I'm glad someone ales noticed. The article is great, unbiased, and was straight to the point. It did touch on the diversity of the opposition which another reader claimed it didn't. It focused on the issues at hand and the flaws of both the MB, the military and the people. Really well done. "I agree with you, but I DO agree with you. Period"

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It would be nice to hear some

It would be nice to hear some more in depth analysis of Morsi's mistakes. I keep reading the exact same list of his faults & mistakes in almost every article which covers it which suggests its all second hand news. Are we being critical enough of the sources we are using? All these criticisms, from my own research have their roots in the anti morsi camp which with the help of the powerful mubarak era media managed to effectively perpetuate many non truths about Morsi. This makes me very uncomfortable as even though the old regime's media are free to propagate what they please, Its a great shame to see the rest of the world not providing any critical analysis.

The following article expresses exactly what I mean:

Id appreciate your comments!

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Thank you for trying to show

Thank you for trying to show both sides and for highlighting the human rights violations.

i disagree with "The Muslim Brotherhood should have been left to fail as they had not (yet) committed an act justifying Morsi’s removal by the military"

the regime has committed a lot of atrocities over this year and you can list them all. The millions who came to the streets came for a reason and it wasn't because Morsi was 'heavy blooded - damo te2eel'.

Surely no one is happy about the current status with more people dying everyday and youth paying the price. However, if Morsi really cared to preserve democracy or if he and his brotherhood cared the slightest for Egypt's future and its youth he would have accepted the military's first suggestion of changing the government to a more technocrat one, or the second suggestion days later to call for early elections. Unfortunately he trusted his brotherhood with their terrorising attitudes are enough to face off for the will of the people.

i personally marched in 2012 against the military rule and will continue to do so, however, a body had to intervene to stop this lunatic from committing more crimes. It will be difficult to unite people today, but its not impossible! and if at any point someone justifies killing 'because they lost their democracy right' they should be prosecuted. The first thing to do is assign a new government and affirm the rule of law! Investigations should be opened again to address all previous killings (jan & feb 2011, 72 of portsaid, maspero, mohamed mahmoud, soldiers on the border last year, the kidnapping of soldiers few months ago, etc) then people can again trust that we have laws that respect & protect all and not just the group who's lucky enough to be in power

Great article overall. More

Great article overall. More balanced than most, and I agree that the media representing either side only loses credibility... eventually. One thing you failed to mention though, which helped cement some people's decision to demonstrate on the 30th June. The judiciary decision that the escaped prisoners during the 25th Jan revolution (including Morsi) were found guilty, some guilty of treason. By Morsi's own questionable constitution he should have stepped down from the post of president while he appealed or actually resigned and served sentence. Morsi in that instance ignored both the judiciary decision and his own constitution. A sign of what has been happening and what was due to happen. Had the Egyptian people had a way for legal impeachment I believe that would have been sought.

A month ago I had the same

A month ago I had the same concerns about the post June 30 events, but Morsy's legitimacy wasn't one of them. Morsy's legitimacy evaporated with his dictatorial decree on Nov.22. We weren't a democracy. Your constitution was a majoritarian one rather than consensual. That's not democracy either. No way to impeach the president when there's no parliament around. That's again not democracy

It's not about just failed policies. it's about the above plus Morsy being a national security threat himself. The Ethiopian dam debacle, opposition and many Egyptians in general being called infidels in the presence of the president, Morsy's threats: it's me or a civil war !! Why don't you go for a referendum Mr. president if things are that dire ?!

You really think those people who were at the helm were patriotic or would conduct free fair elections ? I doubt it

I love Sarah Carr !! always

I love Sarah Carr !! always an amazing flawless read
A bit of disagreement though, I do believe Morsi did more than enough to be ousted by the people, the army, the police ...he had to go

Few of the many crimes of

Few of the many crimes of Morsy

- The Constitution

Morsy and his people scribbled a constitution overnight that was drafted and approved only by the brotherhood and more extreme groups

People went to the streets to object but as usual the ex-president was in denial and decided to dismiss the will of the nation. A law suit was raised to nullify this constitution on the basis that it was representing one point of view only and the brotherhood campaigned outside the supreme court and denied the judge entrance so that no one can mess with the blessed brotherhood constitution

- Dividing the nation

Killing of Shiaa muslims in the streets, unnoticed by the president in his speech on 27 June '13

crimes against christians never tackled! even if it historic, anyone taking power should urgently tackle this massively important issue

- Crime
one of the problems never tackled was crime! crime rate tripled the last 2 years and he did nothing about it!

- Terrorism

Death of soldiers on the borders - and we did not hear of any investigations

Kidnapping of Egyptian soldiers

we never understood who kidnapped them, why and how come they were never caught or prosecuted

- General stupidity, examples;

Talks held to sabotage Ethiopian dam building plans - ON AIR!! this negatively affects international relations, especially with African countries

Naming political and social figures as corrupt, a president should have evidence before making such accusation. also naming thugs and where they operate around the country, i do not understand why is he leaving them free without prosecution if he knows they are thugs and endanger people's lives, he obviously forgot he was the president and that he gave himself full power through the latest constitution!!

i am tired of writing sickens me that he lasted a full year!!!

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The situation was too extreme

The situation was too extreme and the Egyptian people couldn't allow a Morsi rule for any longer, he was taking the country to the brink.


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