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In early 2014, Egyptian officials publicly admitted that Egypt, once an exporter, was teetering on the edge of consuming more natural gas than it produces. By that time, ordinary Egyptians were all-too-aware that there was a problem. Gas...

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A gasping young man forces open the wooden gate of a small, walled village in remote Upper Egypt. He enters the dark alleys of Aaliah, which has managed to escape civilization.

A young woman leads him to a clammy basement where a...

During his recent visit to Cairo in November 2014, Alain Gresh, former editor- in-chief of Le Monde Diplomatique, met with a couple of Egyptian acquaintances — a journalist and a student — in a downtown Cairo café.

During their chat...

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  • SlumberWhether she’s with her six-year-old brother, her mother or paternal grandmother; at home, in the play
  • featuredThe owners of small furniture workshops in Damietta are suffering from a combination of factors, inc
  • 12Ramlet Bulaq, also named by the French for more than 215 years as the “beautiful lake,” is a poor neighborhood l
  • Tehran; Iran;When d’Aki first met Bahman two summers ago he had just been sent back home, his pa
  • This is the slogan you see when you enter the Revolutionary Road Front’s headquarters, inscribed over the building’s billboard, among photographs of the detainees that call for their release.