There is much to be said about the current security crisis in Egyptian universities. There is, first, the matter of students getting shot and killed on campus. Then there are the issues of police violence and accountability, universities and...

Third Eye

There is something reassuring about seeing framed pictures on a gallery wall by virtual unknowns as young as 19. And yet there's also a sense of wariness that these aspiring artists are going to get entangled in the politics of what...

Rafah border crossing

Since former President Hosni Mubarak’s days, the Egyptian authorities have alternated between opening and closing the Rafah crossing — the only remaining gate to Gaza not controlled by the Israeli side.

Since 2010, the crossing was...

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  • Tehran; Iran;When d’Aki first met Bahman two summers ago he had just been sent back home, his pa
  • This is the slogan you see when you enter the Revolutionary Road Front’s headquarters, inscribed over the building’s billboard, among photographs of the detainees that call for their release.
  • Egypt IndependentPolitical caricature plays a far more vital role in popular culture and the percep
  • Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 14.12.56The Instagram feed “Everyday Middle East” (@eve
  • 23This is the story of three Syrian refugees who are quite different, except that they escaped from Syria’s instab