Things in the Middle East usually appear far worse than they really are when looked at from the outside. But  on my recent visit to Egypt — as I talked and listened to people, watched local television, read daily papers and made observations...

Cartoon that won't be

Way too much has been said and written about the social media use of the January 25 generation.

Hysterical (local and international) news outlets and commentators quickly concluded that the explosion of online...

Yesterday they shot and killed a woman on Talaat Harb Street. She was walking, along with other members of the Socialist Alliance Party, through downtown to commemorate those killed since all of this started four years ago. Many of them were...

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  • 12Ramlet Bulaq, also named by the French for more than 215 years as the “beautiful lake,” is a poor neighborhood l
  • Tehran; Iran;When d’Aki first met Bahman two summers ago he had just been sent back home, his pa
  • This is the slogan you see when you enter the Revolutionary Road Front’s headquarters, inscribed over the building’s billboard, among photographs of the detainees that call for their release.
  • Egypt IndependentPolitical caricature plays a far more vital role in popular culture and the percep
  • Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 14.12.56The Instagram feed “Everyday Middle East” (@eve