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A group of students were protesting in front of Mansoura University last year, amid the heavy crackdown on campus dissent. The ensuing arrests did not leave bystanders out.

Ibrahim Reda, a 16-year-old student living in a village...

In memory of the martyrs of Mohamed Mahmoud, November 19-24, 2011.

I never did have a good throwing arm. My attempts are short and weak, veering off course, making the would-be catcher run after the embarrassing projectile...


Boredom can often be a great entry point for experimentation.

A couple of months ago, some friends and I were in Sahel, oppressed by the gloomy overcast post-summer season. Rather than reading anti-socially, we decided to film a...


As you repose on the wooden chairs in downtown Cairo’s Townhouse Rawabet theater, the rubble of the city fazes out and you prepare to enter another zone. It's dark — only a dim light on the side catches your attention, drawing soft silhouettes...

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