Jazeera verdict

On Wednesday, a number of Egyptian newspapers published the legal reasoning and findings behind the case of the “Al Jazeera Journalists,” issued by the Giza Court of Felonies, presided over by Justice Mohamed Nagy. 

The court issued...

Atelier Alexandria

It is located near Batalsah Street, not far from Khartoum Square, a few hundred yards from the Faculty of Medicine in Alexandria.

Batelsah, an archaic Arabic word for the Ptolemiacs, refers to the fact that this...

Sisi on Gaza escalation

Egypt is continuing efforts to save its cease-fire proposal between Israel and Gaza and end hostilities that have claimed more than 600 Palestinian lives since July 8, despite its failure to secure a deal when the truce initiative was first put...

Trash in Ras Mohamed National Park, July 12, 2014

Pop star Mohamed Fouad’s Ramadan prank show "Fo2sh Bel Moaskar" (Fouad in the army camp) is no stranger to controversy.

The premise of the prank has upset nationalists, but more recently, environmentalists were up in arms after...

Gaza poem

“You should have seen the imploded children
you have killed in your last air raid,”
said the little prince to the air force pilot
he had chanced on planet F52....
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