Mohamed Shafik workshop

I stand stiffened like the 1980s Barbie, watching others gracefully glide across the glinting black floors of Downtown Cairo’s Falaki Theater.

“Don't dance,” says choreographer and artistic director Mohamed Shafik. “Draw first and...

Hamza Namira

This album is so mediocre, it reminds me of one of the top five mediocre moments in my life.

In my first year in college, I was confused by everything. It took me months to figure out the best public transport plan to make it to...

مسجد داوود باشا الواقع بـ«سويقة الالا»

A large part of Cairo’s history is engulfed in the alleyways of Sayeda Zeinab, the ancient neighborhood largely shaped by expansions in the Mamluk era.

One of these alleyways is the impoverished and overpopulated Suwaiqat al-Lala. In...


I remember this super-blond woman appearing on television in 1987, and making me want to break the screen to pull her from inside and take her with me. Sabah alone transcended being an image on the screen. I became certain that behind the image...

Mada Mix banner


  • Tehran; Iran;When d’Aki first met Bahman two summers ago he had just been sent back home, his pa
  • This is the slogan you see when you enter the Revolutionary Road Front’s headquarters, inscribed over the building’s billboard, among photographs of the detainees that call for their release.
  • Egypt IndependentPolitical caricature plays a far more vital role in popular culture and the percep
  • Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 14.12.56The Instagram feed “Everyday Middle East” (@eve
  • 23This is the story of three Syrian refugees who are quite different, except that they escaped from Syria’s instab